nickelodeon writing fellowship: not this year :(

i got the call from nickelodeon, and unfortunately, i didn’t make it in this year. i did ok in the 1 on 1 interviews, but not as well in the group interviews, and there are obviously more people in the groups so those scores cost me the fellowship.

the good thing is that my writing was good enough to get that far, and those are the first 2 tv scripts i’ve ever written.

even though i didn’t get in, getting all the way to the last round was a very helpful experience. i’m going to need to be able to deal with interviews and sell myself if i want to make it in the industry. competence and skill aren’t enough.

i’m definitely going to apply again next year, but i’m not going to just sit around and wait, because like homer said, the waiting game sucks. maybe i’ll get the disney fellowship first. or maybe i can try to become a staff writer on a nick show and bypass the fellowship. or maybe i can try to get meetings at cartoon network.

good luck to those finalists that became fellows!

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  1. I know this kind of odd to ask, what with you going out for the same fellowship. But I plan on applying for the nickeloden fellowship my self and I was wondering if you had any tips for the application and (hopefully) the interviews.

    1. hey jon, you should totally apply to the nick fellowship, as well as all the other writing programs around town. i think the application and essay part are pretty straight forward. the main thing is writing an amazing spec script. you basically have to write something that is better than 99% of the other specs submitted! good luck.

      you can follow the nick fellowship on facebook for more info.

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