recap: friday, day before the shoot

i finished up the shot list and sent it to the dp and a couple other key crew members. here’s a picture of what i actually sent. it includes the floorplan so we know which direction we’re shooting, and what general area will need to be lit.


next i had to pick up all the equipment. me and the 1st AD went to u-haul to rent a 10 foot truck. then we picked up the dolly at chapman leonard, and then went to wooden nickel to pick up the lights, stands, dolly track, etc.

at 8pm, we started to preload the equipment into the location. this would save us hours of work the next morning. the gaffer and grips started to prelight while i went over the first shot with the DP and figured out where the dolly would go. we bought pizza for everyone and was out of there around 11pm.

i felt as ready as i could be for the shoot in the morning. call time for me was at 6am, so i set my alarm for 5am and went to bed around 1am.

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