preproduction week 6: pile it on!

i have 8 days left before i shoot. i’ve been locking down cast, figuring out my storyboards, floorplans, and shotlist, designing some props, and just preparing in general for the shoot next weekend.

but besides getting ready for my own movie, i’m also helping on another director’s movie as the 2nd AD this weekend. on set, i’ll be dealing with the extras, having the SAG actors fill out paperwork, and whatever else is needed. a lot of the crew from that short will also be crewing on my movie, so it’ll be great to get to work with them and get to know them beforehand. it’ll take 2 days out of my prep days, but i think it’ll be worth it to watch how another director works.

so to add to the craziness, after we shoot during the day this weekend, i’m going to collaborate on a film for the 72 hour film shootout. the producer figured we’ll already have the equipment, so we should shoot our own movie at night. i’ve never tried any of the 24 or 48 or 72 hour film contests, so that’ll be a new experience. they announce the theme tonight at 5. we’ll write it tonight, shoot and edit this weekend, and send the movie off on monday.

then next weekend, i’ll shoot my movie. and then i can pass out for a while.

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