Animated Sphinx Character Rig

Here's another character from the animated web series I've been working on. This was a challenging character to rig because she has 4 legs, a tail, and wings in addition…

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Making an Animated Web Series

I’m taking a year long sabbatical to work on personal creative projects, and my main project is working on an animated web series. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, so it’s really exciting that I’m actually getting to do it now.

I know a lot of writers that are interested in doing an animated project, so I wanted to go over some of the animation process.

It’s a ton of work! Here’s my rough breakdown of what’s involved:


  • concept
  • logline
  • outline
  • script


  • character design
  • character turnarounds
  • character model sheet with expressions and poses
  • background and prop design
  • finalize art style


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I’m taking a year long creative sabbatical

It’s been a while since I updated my blog.

So I quit my job, sold almost everything I had, and decided to travel overseas for a year to take a creative sabbatical.

I talk about it here. I’ve been making videos of my projects and my travels, so you can subscribe on YouTube, and follow me on Instagram.


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the ipad is great for drawing

i finally bought my ipad. one of the main reasons i wanted an ipad was to use it for drawing. the 2 main apps are brushes and sketchbook pro.

i did a little googling to see which people liked better. the consensus seems to be that brushes is easier to use, and sketchbook pro is more powerful. i already had brushes on my iphone and i liked it a lot, but i wanted to try something different so i got downloaded sketchbook pro for now. i’ll probably end up downloading brushes too. they’re both only $7.99.

here’s my first drawing!


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mid year creative review 2010

the year is half over!

here were my top 3 goals for 2010:

  1. get into a writing fellowship, or get representation (an agent or manager).
  2. make a web series or short film.
  3. write a pilot sitcom script.

1. get into a writing fellowship, or get representation.

the real goal is to be a professional writer, and i think the best way for me to break in would be a fellowship, or get an agent or manager who can get me work.

i finished the 30 rock spec i started at the end of last year, and applied to the nick fellowship with it. i didn’t feel that great about that script though, so for cbs, wb, nbc, and abc/disney programs, i submitted my himym spec.  while i wait and hope to hear back from one of them, i’ll finish my short and then work on another spec just in case i make to the next round for any of the fellowships and they ask to see another sample. plus it will be good practice regardless.

as much as i would love to get into one of the fellowships, i know the odds aren’t in my favor. while i’m waiting to hear back, i plan on sending queries to agents and managers. i’m sure the odds of anything coming from that are dismal, but i feel like i would at least be able to get a couple people to read my work.


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camera obscura – some storyboards

here are some storyboards for a sequence near the end of the movie. this is what i worked on over the long 4th of july weekend.

i created the line drawings in photoshop with my intuos tablet. then i made a layer of 50% black on top, and then used the eraser too to bring out the lights.

i’m also going to create the storyboards in frameforge, which will approximate what the shot will look like using different lenses, and will generate overhead layouts with camera positions.


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