the ipad is great for drawing

i finally bought my ipad. one of the main reasons i wanted an ipad was to use it for drawing. the 2 main apps are brushes and sketchbook pro.

i did a little googling to see which people liked better. the consensus seems to be that brushes is easier to use, and sketchbook pro is more powerful. i already had brushes on my iphone and i liked it a lot, but i wanted to try something different so i got downloaded sketchbook pro for now. i’ll probably end up downloading brushes too. they’re both only $7.99.

here’s my first drawing!

the screen is a great size, just a bit smaller than my sketchbook. some people like using a stylus like the pogo sketch stylus, but i don’t mind using my finger. sketchbook pro uses a lot of gestures to access the controls. using different swipes, you can bring up the brushes and color palette, undo, redo, or bring up the layers palette. yes, there are layers! up to 6 of them (brushes also has 6 layers).

drawing was really responsive. no lag whatsoever. i’m really amazed at both the ipad in general and this app. if the ipad only did this and nothing else, it would still be worth it. before the ipad, the cheapest cintiq cost $1000, and you’d have to connect that into another computer and plug it into an outlet. now with the ipad i have a portable digital sketchbook for $500.

oh, you say, but the cintiq has pressure sensitivity but the ipad does not. that’s true as of now, but that might soon change. amazing!

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