waiting for nickelodeon

i applied for the nickelodeon writing fellowship back in february, and i’ve been waiting and thinking about it every day since then. they’re supposed to start notifying by the end of august, which means this week. the waiting is killing me!

here are the dates posted on their site:
~ Semi-finalists will be notified by the end of August, 2009

~ Finalists will be notified by the beginning of September 2009

~ Chosen Fellows will be notified by the end of September 2009

~ All others will be notified, by mail, by the end of October 2009

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  1. no i haven’t yet! it’s driving me crazy. their site says by the end of august, so that just leaves a few hours today, tomorrow, friday, and monday. good luck! let me know if/when you hear something.

  2. I am in the same boat you are. Waiting to here something is just making me crazy. Very hard to sleep. Phone rings, and you hope it’s them, and then it’s not. If I didn’t make it, I just want to know!

    I emailed them back in June for clarification on when semi-finalists would start hearing something. They said “you can pretty much count on all the semi-finalists being notified sometime during the week of August 24th” meaning no sooner than that. However, the website DOES say the dates are subject to change, so we could conceivably hear from then later.

    FYI, they also said semi-finalists will have a phone interview, which I imagine is what will help them pick the finalists. If there is another writing sample needed, as I think you mentioned in another post, I would think they will give those to the finalists to help choose the actual fellows.

    Do let us all know if you do hear anything. Then at least we’ll know they’re contacting people.

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