my new pilot

While I’m taking meetings and waiting to see what happens with staffing, I started writing a new pilot. The last pilot I wrote was a family sitcom, so I wanted to write a workplace comedy to round out my portfolio.

I came up with some loglines and sent them to my agent. I thought he’d hate the idea I wanted to do the most because it’s high concept, but he actually liked the idea!

Next I wrote up a 2 page concept sheet detailing the world and the characters of the show, which he also liked. Great, so I had the green light to move forward.

I want to finish my pilot around the end of June. Here’s my schedule to go from concept sheet to finished script:

week of 4/26/2015
loglines for A/B/C stories

week of 5/3/2015

week of 5/10/2015
beat sheet

week of 5/17/2015

week of 5/24/2015

week of 5/31/2015

week of 6/7/2015
1st draft

week of 6/14/2015
2nd draft

week of 6/21/2015
3rd draft

week of 6/28/2015
table read

week of 7/5/2015
polish. done!

As you can see, I spend a lot of time in the outline, more than actually writing pages. And this doesn’t even count the time figuring out the concept, the world, the characters, theme, etc.

In the past, pilots took me like 6-8 months to write, but I’ve learned a lot with the last couple scripts, so I think this next one will be much quicker.

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