frame by frame

there are a couple of shots where the boom mic dips into frame. to fix that, i’ve been exporting the frames as an image sequence and then fixing them frame by frame in photoshop.

when you first import a frame in photoshop, the aspect ratio is off. it looks like this, at 1280 x 1080. i guess photoshop and final cut use different size pixels.

so i go to image size, turn off constrain proportions, and make it 1920 x 1080. then it looks correct.
notice the tip of the boom above the head of the actress on the right.

in photoshop, i cut and paste a square of pixels that has the color of the wall and then clean it a bit to make everything blend like this.

i have to do that each frame. luckily there are only a couple shots where the boom dips into frame. then i go to image size again and shrink it back to 1280 x 1080, save it, and then i can import it in final cut. i could just import it in final cut at the larger size of 1920 x 1080, but the smaller photshop file size saves me some space on my hard drive.

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