auditions for my short film

here are a few headshots of some of the actresses that came in to audition for jen. i was looking for a girl next door sort of look, but beyond that, i didn’t really have any preconceived notions as far as appearance goes.

the actress i pick will play opposite this actor, tw leshner.

i usually have people do one read, and then give them an adjustment to see how well they take direction. for this particular piece, i was really watching them to see how well they listened. so much of comedy is in the reaction, and that’s what i was looking for when they weren’t delivering lines. i have to review tapes from the audition and decide who to bring in for callbacks.

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  1. i have to read more of the script for the “girl next door” idea. but an asian girl raised by american parents could be a nice twist if the story could so warrant.
    you are lucky to be in LA and find a lot of actors. here in asia we aren’t so lucky to get so many great actors.

    but my money is on an asian actress who was raised by american parents.
    ron in tokyo

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