CAAM Fellowship: mentor update

Last week I got to go to San Francisco for CAAM Fest, and got to meet the other fellows. Check out the bios and the work of my super talented, accomplished fellows!

Since getting accepted into the CAAM Fellowship, I’ve had several discussions in trying to decide which mentor to try to go after. Should we go after a writer, a producer, or an executive? If it’s an executive, should it be someone in current series or development? We ended up picking someone who is a writer and Executive Producer. We felt like that role was the best one that could help me. The person we picked is high up and it’s a stretch, but why not at least try, right? Karin reached out to contact the person on my behalf, and I’ve been waiting to hear back.

Right before I flew up to San Francisco last weekend, I got an email with the news that I got my first choice mentor! I can hardly believe it. Hopefully I can reveal who it is soon, but I’m absolutely THRILLED she agreed to do it, and I can’t wait to meet her.

At CAAM Fest, we also got to meet a couple people who were mentors in the past, including literary manager Angela Cheng Caplan, and Steve Tao, former Head of Drama at ABC, and current TV Producer at Bad Robot.

It was great to meet them and spend some time with them. They were part of a panel, along with a few CAAM alumni. Someone took notes here.

Two quick points from the weekend that I wanted to share:

  • live an interesting life.
  • know how to pitch yourself.

It was a wonderful weekend where I got to meet some amazing people. I was really inspired and it really helped fuel me as I was finishing up my new pilot this week.

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