nickelodeon writing fellowship: round 2!

i had my phone interview with the director of the writing fellowship program last wednesday. she wanted to read another script, and i had until monday to get it to her. i revised my spec for How I Met Your Mother over the weekend and sent it fedex overnight to get there today, monday. i checked the fedex website and it was signed for at 12:56pm.

i got a call from nickelodeon at 3:43pm. i made it to the next round! i have a face to face interview this wednesday. i’m one step closer!

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  1. Hey Kiyong,
    Congrats on getting this far. How was the face-2-face interview? Was it hard? I’m thinking of applying next year, but my search on anyone who has completed the program has come up blank. You’re the only one I found who applied to it. I’m also into animation. I have my fingers crossed for you. I’ll continue to read your blog in hopes that you get into the program.

  2. hi betsy. you should totally apply to the fellowship! i think the deadline is around the end of february, so that’s plenty of time to get a good spec script written. i would recommend having several scripts written, actually. i know someone who went through the fellowship several years ago, and she was hired on as a staff writer on the mighty b! i’ll have a post soon about the interview i had today.

  3. Congratulations! I’ve been looking into both the Nickelodeon and the ABC/Disney fellowship. Do you happen to know if Nickelodeon pays? I know ABC/Disney does. Thanks and congratulations again!

    1. nickelodeon does pay. disney pays 50k according to their website. nickelodeon doesn’t post the salary, but i think it pays a bit less. there’s also the nicholl fellowship which is for features only, and pays 30k.

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