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Last Oct, a friend who had gone through WOTV a couple years before me emailed me about the CAAM Fellowship, which is a fellowship for Asian Americans in entertainment. She had gone through the program and said it was great, and she said I should apply. I hadn’t heard of it before, so I read up about the program on their site.

This fellowship isn’t just for writers. They’re “seeking to develop the talents and skills of a range of media professions including filmmakers, actors, programmers, and executives.”

It’s a mentorship program where they match you with a mentor in your chosen field. “Each fellowship will be individually tailored to best fit the needs of the fellows and advisors. Fellowships will range from fully integrated collaborations to regular feedback on current projects to an ongoing dialogue about professional development. ” That sounded amazing so of course I applied. I wrote my essays, and sent my pilot and spec.

Last week, I got an email saying I was a finalist!

I scheduled an interview with them, so fingers crossed.

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