camera obscura – less than a week left

i’m stressed. i work my full time day job, then go home and prep for my film until about 3 or 4 am. when i wake up for work the next morning, the alarm doesn’t wake me up. fear wakes me up!

marcia has been amazing coordinating all the logistics. each team gets a standard equipment package, but then there are certain items like a dolly that must be shared so they need to be scheduled. also, we only have the process trailer for 5 hours, so i have to figure out exactly the shots i want to get in that time frame. my actor can’t work one day, but luckily we’ve already scheduled around him. the exterior house location is an hour away, so travel eats into the schedule. then there a bunch of still photos that play a big part of the film, and those need to be scheduled and shot.

i wasn’t sure exactly how i was going to shoot the ending of my movie, but i figured it out a couple days ago. the ending is the last thing people will remember, and i wanted it to have a big impact. i think it’s going to look great!

i have a bunch of storyboards, but i’m going to throw them into after effects to make a rough animatic.  i recorded dialogue with the help of my friend, and that’ll help me figure out the timing and pacing of the shots. most important, though, is i’ll get to see what shots i don’t have. from the animatic, i want to finalize the shotlist and a shooting plan with overhead diagrams.

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