So I have an agent now! The first thing my agent did was send me a bunch of pilots that had been picked up. He told me to read them and we’d strategize which shows to send me out for.

There are a lot of pilots. I had 35 broadcast comedy scripts, to be exact. I started by reviewing the pilot grid, which is this this huge spreadsheet of information that includes the pilot title, genre, network, network exec, studio, production company, writers, and logline.

I read the scripts depending on which ones had the most interesting loglines, and which ones thought I might be a good fit for. My sample is a single camera network family sitcom, so I started with ones that had a similar tone. My agent gave me his thoughts as well on which pilots I should read.

I updated my agent as I read them, and told him which ones were my favorites, which ones I liked, and which ones I wasn’t really connecting with.

My agent sent my pilot out to people. A couple people read it and liked it, and wanted to meet me. Exciting!


I had 2 general meetings so far, one at NBC, and one at CBS. I have no idea how many meetings people usually get, but since I had no agent and zero meetings before, I’m pretty happy. My new fear is that nobody is going to like me or my pilot, and my agent is going to drop me, so getting a couple meetings eases that fear a little bit.

I remember finding this article years ago, and I’m so happy that it’s finally relevant to me!

And, here’s some great info from my friend Niceole who was staffed on Ironside and Allegiance, and is an alum of CBS and NBC.

I kind of got to practice how to take these meetings during my time in the Nick fellowship and NBC WOTV. You talk about yourself, your pilot, the pilots they have, TV in general. It’s a job interview, so you want to make a good impression so they recommend you.

I think both meetings went well, and I just found out I have another meeting scheduled at ABC next week. The dream would be to get showrunner meetings once staffing season starts, and then hopefully get staffed!

Meanwhile, I’m working on another pilot. Since my last pilot was a family show, I want to write a workplace comedy next to balance my portfolio.

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