mid year creative review 2009

it’s already july (a week in actually), which means the year is half over! i like to keep track of goals and such, so here’s my status report.


  • wrote my first tv spec. i wrote one for The Office.
  • then i wrote a spec for How I Met Your Mother.
  • developed an idea for a sitcom pilot, which i’m working on now.
  • applied to a bunch of writing fellowships with my Office script.
  • started learning character animation through Animation Mentor. finished term 1 of 6.


  • i want to write the pilot episode of my series. i pitched the series idea to my writers group and got some positive feedback.
  • i want to do one of following:
    • make another short film. it would be my fifth.
    • make a web series. it might be a smaller version of my sitcom pilot idea, haven’t decided yet.
    • make a short animated pilot. i would make it in flash. even though Animation Mentor is all taught for 3d with maya, all the principles would apply to 2d animation.
    • write a feature script, either something to try to shop around, or something that i can direct myself (ie, low budget). if i can get a good first draft by the end of the year, i’d be happy with that.

it’s been a busy but productive year so far, and i have a good feeling for the 2nd half.

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