mid year creative review 2011

i like to make lists and track my progress with things. here’s what i’ve done in the first 6 months of the year. i’m only counting things that i finished, because starting something and not finishing it isn’t an accomplishment.

  • finished my community spec that i started in dec 2010.
  • wrote a spec for the nick show, robot & monster.
  • wrote a spec for parks and rec.
  • took an improv class at ucb.

if i wasn’t in the nick fellowship, i probably would have written 1 spec in the same amount of time.

here were my top 3 goals for 2011:

  1. get staffed on a show after the fellowship.
  2. write a pilot script.
  3. make a web series or animated short film.

1. get staffed on a show after the fellowship

ideally, i was hoping to get staffed on a show at nickelodeon, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in the last 3 months of the fellowship. my alternate goals are either 1) hopefully get accepted into one of the other writing programs, which would hopefully lead to getting staffed afterwards. i planned for this situation where i might not get staffed at nick, and already applied to the disney, wb, and nbc writing programs. they start making calls in the fall, so i’ll be nervously waiting just like everyone else who applied. 2) try to get an agent and get staffed on a show elsewhere. to get an agent, i need a pilot…

2. write a pilot script

i’ve been trying to write a pilot for a while now, but i’m still not done. i kept switching ideas and second guessing, which i hate doing. i really hate being indecisive. my goal is to have a finished, polished pilot script before the fellowship is over, which is 10/7/11. i decided on my idea, and i have the logline down. i made a schedule for myself, and gave myself 1 month to write a first draft, which is due on 8/12. on 8/12, please ask if i’m done with my first draft. being accountable to people will help me finish on time.

3. make a web series or animated short film

i actually have solid ideas for both. the web series will be animated in flash, and i have the first 5 episodes outlined. i was working on character designs and moving forward, but then i had a flash of inspiration for a short film idea, so i’m going to do that first instead.

i woke up one morning with a nearly fully formed idea for a short film that i was really excited about. it’s a comedy, will have visual effects (i have friends who work in vfx and animation), and i plan on raising the money through kickstarter. as soon as i finish my pilot, i’m working on the short film. an added benefit is that the short film script will be another piece of original material in my writing portfolio.

does anyone want to share what they’ve done so far this year, and what they want to do with the remaining year?

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  1. My year so far: Wrote a spec for Parks and Rec; moved to LA.

    Moving was a lot more time-consuming and stressful than I anticipated, and definitely slowed down my writing. But now that I’m settled in, I’ve taken my writing off the back burner — I have lots of things I’m hoping to accomplish by the end of this year.

      1. Thanks for the candid mid-year response.

        I am sorry if this is not in a correct order. i have a goal to get employee in
        LA. i am still in Asia. but this is part of my routine.

        >spoke to producers from LA and pitched in march and again in may
        -a few requests for works pitched

        >read daily update info about what is happening on TV shows and movies (mostly from a writers point of view)


        >posted on CNN ireports from asia and will post more to come!

        > outlined for my hawaii-five 0 spec. redoing that now!!

        >got a castle and community spec prepped.

        >worked intently on spec action script requested

        >worked on thriller/drama spec script requested

        > acquired a “2nd set of eyes” to help me meet my deadline.

        > rewrote and retooled a short story spec that was rejected for a producer’s contest to be used for a deadline for a writing contest.

        > my hits on youtube jumped by the 1000’s and I got a recommend from youtube.

        >outline for prepping some shorts to shoot and webseries already shot gets retooled!

        >joined and expanded film and TV network

        thanks kiyong, a mid-year assessment was helpful to see where things are heading.

  2. Half of the year left.
    In that time I wrote a Parks & Rec spec
    I wrote a spec for “The Wakling Dead” (Amc show -it’s good) and I did a page one re-write on a screenplay.
    I submitted specs to all the contests (NBC,CBS, nick, wb) but not Disney (I don’t have any industry contacts)

    god willing I’ll get good news.
    I have been relaxing since June (almost 2 months) haven’t did any writing, but now I’m in the early stages of writing a new screenplay.

    No such thing as an idle artist.

  3. Hey Kiyong,

    The interviews are killing it, and your updates are always a great way to gage whether i’m keeping up with someone really committed to making it as a writer. Keep moving. No doubt you’ll get there.

    In the last 6 months:

    Quit my job.

    Wrote a Sons of Anarchy spec. Submitted to WB.

    Wrote a Justifed Spec. Submitted to WB and NBC.

    Started a UCLA Extension course in which i’m writing another Justified spec. Outline completed.

    Started writing a pilot. Hoping to have a first draft in the next ten days.

    Next six months:

    Two more specs. Another pilot. Write and shoot web series. Get an agent.

    Good luck,


  4. thanks for sharing everyone! you’ve all been busy and productive which is great. i think the big thing is consistency. over time, the consistent actions add up. hopefully at the end of the year, we’ll have even more things to share!

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