my next spec script – community

i want to write another spec script just in case i make it to the next round of any of the writing fellowships. i decided to write one for community. i like the show and the characters, i like that it’s single camera, and it’s only been on one season so there are plenty of story options to explore.

other shows i considered: modern family, but i think everyone is writing a spec for that show, and parks and recreation, but i just liked community better as a show.

i’ve spent the past few days watching all the episodes over and over, and reading the handful of scripts i found online. i also found this great resource at the eventual sitcom writer’s blog.

right now i have a handful of episode ideas. once i decide on the main A story, i’ll decide on the B and C stories. then i’ll beat out the story with index cards, move on to the outline, then start the first draft.

ideally i can have a first draft by the end of the month!

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