2 weeks left to edit

i have 5 scenes in my movie. 3 scenes are fully edited, 1 scene just needs some tweaking, and 1 scene is still pretty rough.

once i finish the cut, there’s still a lot of work left to do. my life is consumed by never ending to do lists, so here’s another one.

  • i have to create an insert shot of some mail and you have to be able to read the names on the envelopes. i didn’t have a macro lens on the shoot, so i plan to take still photos and import them into final cut.
  • color correct.
  • create some graphics in photoshop and do some compositing.
  • a couple shots have the boom mic dip in, and one shot has a light stand in the frame. i need to photoshop those things out.
  • create an opening title sequence. right now i’m thinking of showing a map that the main character uses in the opening scene. i think it will help set up the story and hopefully establish the tone.
  • sound design. it’s set in an office, so i need to find office sound effects like typing, copy machines, fax machines, etc.
  • the dialogue editor will fix all the dialogue. he’s already started on some of the scenes and there’s a big difference in quality compared to what was originally recorded.
  • the composer has to score the music.
  • i hope i can get all of this done in 2 weeks so i can send it off to the contest. i can refine things for festival submissions later at a more leisurely pace.

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