nickelodeon writing fellowship – robot and monster

last week, karen assigned each of us three fellows to nickelodeon shows. i’m very excited to have been put on the upcoming show robot and monster! the other two fellows were put on t.u.f.f. puppy, which is already airing on nickelodeon, and kung fu panda, which i think will start airing after kung fu panda 2 gets released in theaters. all three are great shows and i would have been thrilled to be on any one of them.  i must say though, i do love me some robots!

here is an early picture of the characters.

the show is now just called robot and monster. the best friends forever has been removed. the show will air this fall, and i don’t think any episodes have been animated yet. since there are no finished episodes to watch, that makes researching the show a challenge. i was given the bible and the scripts to every episode so far, but i don’t know what the characters will sound like, what the sets look like, what the timing of the animation will be, or what the gestures and emotions of the characters will look like. i’ll do my best though! we need to come up with premises to pitch on thursday.

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  1. What’s up kiyong thanks for the quick response to my last question.
    Just finished reading your last post, you say three fellows recieved show assignments.
    So there’s only three fellows?
    Thanx again.

    1. yes, nickelodeon almost always picks 3 fellows. you can go to and click on “fellows and alumni” to see who and how many per year. i think disney usually picks 8. nbc writers on the verge also had 8 this year (8 slots, 3 of those were writing teams so 11 people). i’m not sure about cbs and wb.

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