nickelodeon writing fellowship: in-person interview

on wednesday, i arrived at the nickelodeon studio in burbank, and met with the director of the fellowship. their office actually looks like what’s on their website, with fun shapes and bright colors everywhere. i don’t want to divulge exactly what was asked and how i answered, but i can say whereas the phone interview was mostly focused on the topic of writing, this one was more general and more personal. i was told for this round of interviews, they already know i can write. now it comes down to personality. am i someone she feels she can work with for a year? can i sell myself? do i have a good attitude? a good sense of humor?

last week, the phone interview happened to be scheduled on my dad’s birthday which i took as a good omen. and then on wednesday, the in-person interview was scheduled on my birthday. it turned out to be another good omen because at the end of the interview, she told me i made it through to the final round!

that final round consists of 4 days of interviews with executives in charge, creators, writers, and i don’t know who else. it’s going to be grueling, but i’m right there at the final step. if i get past those interviews, i’m in!

oh, at one point i asked how many submissions they received this year. off the top of her head, she told me 2,134. wow! and from that pool, they select up to 4 fellows, sometimes fewer depending on the talent that year. that’s a less than 1% chance of getting accepted. around 2 tenths of 1 percent actually. i feel very fortunate to have made it this far.

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