preproduction: week 5 review

– i had casting all day sunday.

– after looking at a bunch of DP reels, i narrowed down the list and met with a couple of them. the decision was easy, and i’m happy to say i now i have a DP! his work is truly amazing and i’m very excited that he’s part of this project.

– i went through headshots, audition tapes, and notes i made during the auditions and slowly started to make final decisions on cast. there are 11 roles, so it’s a slow process. the producer contacted all of the actors and i’m waiting for a few of them to confirm.

– my work said it’s ok to shoot my film there on the weekend, but i still need to figure out who has to sign the location release. i also have to figure out if i can turn off the AC when we shoot.

– i went through the entire script line by line and broke it down in terms of what’s relevant for the actors.

– i made a floorplan of my office. there are 6 cubicles clustered on one end with a reception desk on the other. i need this to figure out the basic blocking of the actors and figure out where i’m going to put the camera.

– i downloaded a demo of frameforge, a 3d previsualization program. i know a little maya, which is a professional 3d animation program, but frameforge is a much simpler program to help with storyboarding and floorplans.

– ok, after playing with the demo, i decided i wanted to buy it. i picked it up from the writers store in santa monica on friday and used it all weekend. i’ll post some screen grabs soon.

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