nickelodeon writing fellowship (year 2) waiting for the 1 on 1 interview

i barely slept all weekend while i wrote my script. i brought my laptop into work and did a last minute polish during my lunch break, and emailed the script and the release form at 1:30.

last year, i had sent the script in by fedex over the weekend. i saw online that it was signed for around 11am, and i got a call from nickelodeon around 3pm that same day to schedule a one on one interview.

this year, i got an email saying my script was received, and i’ll be hearing from them. i waited all day, but i didn’t get the call. i thought this script came out well even though i didn’t have that much to actually write it. i thought the structure was clear and simple, and i tried to put a lot of jokes in there. but maybe i didn’t have enough time to polish it. or maybe the other semifinalists had better scripts.

no call from nickelodeon. i was rationalizing that maybe it’s good if i don’t get it. maybe it’s better if i stay at my art director job at this web ad agency. i make good money, and the company is very stable, two good things in this crazy economy. yeah… maybe. yeah right.

no news.

still nothing from nickelodeon. i don’t think i got it.

still no call from nick.

8/28 sat
i went to my friend’s party, but was too distracted to enjoy myself. i wanted to read over the script i sent in, but was afraid it might be bad.

8/29 sun
more anxiety and mild depression.

8/30 mon
i had mostly given up, but i did still hold onto a small sliver of hope that i would get the call today. i got a call from nickelodeon at noon while i was at lunch with my friend. i made the cut! i had a one on one interview with karen scheduled for wednesday at 3.

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  1. even though I already know the outcome, I can’t deal with the suspense of waiting for each of these posts about the process. It’s torture…lol Thank you so much for sharing (no matter how painful it is for me to wait)! I hope to be able to chronicle my own fellowship application process next year *fingers crossed*

    1. thanks jonterri! i’m trying to post as frequently as i can, but my day job has been super busy lately (which is a good thing in this economy). good luck with the fellowship next year! do you know what show you’re going to write for your spec?

  2. I’ve finished the outline for my Modern Family spec. I’m scared to move forward for some reason, but I know just need to get a draft done. I watched a lot of your film. I think the concept is great and it’s executed really well.

  3. I’ve been following you for about a year and you’re so inspiring. You really motivated me to write more seriously and frequently. It takes a lot of courage to chronicle your endeavors, and thanks for sharing with us. I just finished a Modern Family spec that I submitted to the Cosby Fellowship program. You should definitely try to write a spec for that show, you’ll have a lot of fun with the character’s dialogue.

      1. I’ll find out in December. I just got back my self addressed receipt of application. It was personalized with Good Luck written on it. I’m hopeful!!!

        I can’t wait to know whether you’re a Nick Fellow. My heart races when I read your updates.

        Fingers crossed for you!

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