preproduction week 6: i shoot in 11 days!

i’ve been counting down in terms of weeks, but the shoot date is getting close so i have to start thinking in terms of days. then during the shoot, i’ll start thinking in terms of hours. or minutes. oh man.

i have 11 days left to prep, but this weekend i’m helping on someone else’s short film, so that means i really only have 9 days to prep.

here’s what’s done so far:

    – the script is written.
    – i have the DP. his work is amazing!
    – the crew is pretty much staffed thanks to the producer.
    – i picked out the cast and am just waiting for some of the actors to confirm. i’m very happy with the talent.
    – the main office location is set (my work). we will probably dress one of the offices to look like a doctor’s office.

what i have left to do:

    – i made a preliminary shot list, and i’m currently working on the storyboards and floorplans. the bulk of my remaining time will be spent doing this.
    – i have to schedule a rehearsal with the entire cast. i want to go over the script, basic blocking, and give the actors a chance to get to know each other.
    – there are some props i have to make. a chart of mugshots, some color blindness cards a doctor holds up, and a hand drawn map of the cubicles. nothing too complicated. i can probably make all 3 in one day.

there are some other things to take care of, but those are the major ones that i personally have to do. of course, the producer, 1st AD, and other people all have their own work to juggle too. i couldn’t imagine where i’d be without their help.

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