shooting schedule

i’m shooting on 2 days, saturday 7/29 and sunday 7/30.  the first day will be at the warehouse, and it’ll be much harder than the second day at the school.  i have more script pages to shoot at the warehouse, and there’s all the fight choreograpy to worry about.

another constraint is that the warehouse gave me a low student rate and they put a limit of 12 people max, cast and crew.  there will be 4 actors, me, dp, gaffer/grip, sound guy, make up.  that’s 9 people total.  the other 3 slots will consist of rotating extras, and if i have room, friends to act as production assistants, script supervisor, and set photographer.

also, i only have the space for 6 hours, 9am – 3pm.  my DP suggested we skip lunch, or eat in between takes. nice.  that’s the kind of hard working, dedicated DP i want to be working with!  but there’s no way i’m going to ask people to work 9 – 3 with no food.  i personally wouldn’t make it past noon if i don’t have food in me.

so six hours, minus 30 min for lunch, and figure at least 1 hour to unload equipment and set up, and maybe an hour to pack up.  6 hours minus 2.5 hours = 3.5

3.5 hours to shoot about 3.5 pages.  not just 3.5 quick dialogue pages, but 3.5 pages of choreography, action, fighting. and this is on our first day of shooting.  i haven’t worked with this crew before, or these actors, or this camera.  luckily, i’m trying to get crew members the DP has worked with before so that at least they’d be comfortable working with each other.

i’m not too worried about sunday. i’m only shooting 1.5 pages, and i have the location from 9-5.  there’s no choreography or anything tricky to worry about.

i’ll be in good shape as long as i can make it through saturday, but i still have a huge list of stuff to do before saturday.

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