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I hear a lot of people say not to work on specs, only focus on pilots, because agents and showrunners don’t want to read specs. Well, I went to a panel the other night, and one of the panelists was an agent from CAA. First, she said when she’s considering new clients, she wants to see a body of work, not just one script. She wanted to see consistency.

Also, she said she wants to read specs of existing shows, not just pilots, because even if a showrunner doesn’t ask for specs, she wants to know her client has the ability to match the tone and voice of a show. Good to know.

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  1. I’ve heard the same things from both showrunners and agents. People want to know you can do both — have a distinct voice but also transform that voice into someone else’s creation. Also, specs are the only thing TV network programs like Disney take.

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