nbc writers on the verge – phone call!

it’s that time of year again when all the writing programs start calling people. austin film festival just called their semifinalists, and i saw on facebook, twitter, and forums that nickelodeon, cbs, warner brothers, and disney have started calling as well.

late friday, i got a call from nbc writers on the verge, and i’m supposed to have a phone interview on wed!

i’m sooo excited about this chance at nbc! i grew up watching nbc shows like the cosby show, diff’rent strokes, family ties, and even golden girls. they’re the network that had seinfeld! most of the specs i’ve written are of nbc shows – office, 30 rock, community, and the one i submitted, parks and rec. i wrote the spec during the nickelodeon fellowship, and made some revisions based on notes i got from my writers groups, so thanks to karen at nick and everyone in my writers groups.

i already went through the whole interview process for the nick fellowship twice, so i’m hoping that helps me with the nbc process. i think they take 8 people, so i’m guessing 4 comedy writers. i hope i’m one of the four! wish me luck everyone!

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  1. Congrats! I was planning on submitting to NBC, but I procrastinated and missed the deadline. Still kicking myself for that. I did submit to WB though. I hope I get a call!

  2. Big congrats! Your blog has been so helpful to many aspiring writers – you are so deserving of the good juju coming your way. Good luck on your interview. Look forward to reading your blog posts when you get into NBC WOTV!

  3. Congrats, and best of luck!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you and sending you lots of good luck and positive energy! Regardless of the outcome, I know you will be a successful professional writer…it’s just a matter of time!

  4. Hi! I’m so happy to hear your news, it looks like you’ve been at this for quite some time. I am curious to learn more about how you started writing scripts. I wrote one so far (I submitted to NBC as well but didn’t get the call). I am newer at this and truly finding it difficult to find good feedback. I only knew two friends willing to take a look at my script:
    1: A producer [mostly nonfiction] was kind enough to take a look, he proofread it and said he enjoyed it and had very little criticism.
    2: A friend who has written scripts, met with high ranking people but has never been hired told me it was laughably awful and he couldn’t believe I thought it was a finished script.
    Neither of these was quite helpful, I didn’t feel at all like I understood the appropriate steps to take with that script. I can’t help but notice you have a blog about breaking into writing, so I am wondering if you have advice for how to find a good writers group or even a class?
    Thank you in advance – and good luck! Gotta love it when good things happen to good people!

    1. hey juliah. i started by reading 2 books, the tv writer’s workbook, and elephant bucks. then i read as many scripts of the show i was trying to spec, broke them down to understand their structure, wrote an outline, then several drafts until the script was polished.

      here’s the first post i did of the first tv spec i wrote – http://kiyong.wordpress.com/2009/02/05/im-going-to-write-a-tv-spec-script/

      i think it’s critical to get good feedback! i started 2 writers groups and found really talented people on http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/tvwriters. you should join that group if you aren’t already a member.

      a class can be helpful, but it depends on the instructor and the quality of the students. i would stick to ucla or usc if you’re in LA. hope that helps!

  5. Hi Kiyong! Congratulations on your success thus far. What’s the latest? Did you get it? I’m very inspired by your tenacity and willingness to share your journey. Also, do you know if ABC/Disney has started notifying their semifinalists for 2012?

  6. Actually, I just read elsewhere on your blog that you made it in! How exciting is that? Congratulations!! I applied to ABC/Disney and I’m wondering if they’ve started contacting semi-finalists. Let me know if you hear anything about that.

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