frameforge 3d studio

has anyone used this program? i’m thinking of getting it. it’s pre-visualization software that seems more useful than hand drawn storyboards because you build the virtual set and determine camera lenses so you get a better sense of how things will actually look on set. it’s $400, but it might be worth it. i’ll try the demo.

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  1. I have tried the demo and it looks okay. However, Antics Technologies,, develop a product called Antics- it is a 3D ANIMATED pre-visualisation program allowing you to create animated pre-vis with character and camera choreography, dialogue, a powerful timeline etc.. Instead of using storyboards, you create animated sequences- much better than static storyboards for pre-vis. It also allows you to create storyboards if you want. The neat thing is- unlike other 3D packages it is really easier to use and the production times are quick. Check it out-

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