frame by frame

there are a couple of shots where the boom mic dips into frame. to fix that, i’ve been exporting the frames as an image sequence and then fixing them frame by frame in photoshop.

when you first import a frame in photoshop, the aspect ratio is off. it looks like this, at 1280 x 1080. i guess photoshop and final cut use different size pixels.

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2 weeks left to edit

i have 5 scenes in my movie. 3 scenes are fully edited, 1 scene just needs some tweaking, and 1 scene is still pretty rough.

once i finish the cut, there’s still a lot of work left to do. my life is consumed by never ending to do lists, so here’s another one.

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SAG short film and internet agreement

i went to a SAG workshop on their different contracts about a month ago. here are my delayed notes.

i was mostly interested in the short film agreement and not the feature film agreements (yet). the short film agreement doesn’t cover a tv pilot or a spec commerical. SAG has different agreements for those, and i don’t think they have anything comparable that’s friendly for the independent filmmaker.

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editing blues

after the initial joy of having finished production wore off, i was in a state of depression while editing. i always go through it, where all i see are the mistakes. i actually yell at my monitor, like how people yell at the tv when they watch sports. i’ll say, why are you out of focus?! or, dammit, you missed your mark! or, why isn’t the camera pointed over there?! i wasn’t actually angry at the actors or the camera crew, i was only angry at myself for not being a better director.

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bigger challenges, lessons for next time

i always want to challenge myself with each film i make. making these shorts is my film school so i’m trying to learn as much as i can before i move on to features.

my 4th film, Ku Klux Kornea, was the biggest film i have shot.

the most important difference with this project was that i worked with a producer. that really let me focus on the script and all the preparation a director has to do without worrying too much about logistics. he basically hired the crew, secured all the equipment, and contributed in so many ways.

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rough cut

it's been just over a week since i finished shooting my movie, and i have a rough cut done. i have to refine it and lock the picture by next…

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recap: saturday, day 1

i woke up at 5 and got to the location at 6. here was my strategy for shooting: my script was 8 pages long, and i was shooting for one weekend so that’s 4 pages a day. the script has 5 scenes. scene 1 and 5 take place in cubicles, scene 2 is in the lobby, scene 3 is in the HR manager’s office, and scene 4 is in the doctor’s office.

i had decided a while ago that i wanted to start with the most complicated scene first, scene 2. it’s kind of risky to try to shoot a difficult scene first, because if things go bad, it can bring down the morale of the cast and crew. ideally i wanted to finish scene 2 by lunch, but if something happened and it took longer than i thought, i could always move the HR office and doctor’s office to another location and day.

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screenplay finalist!

the short horror script i wrote a couple months ago, "Camera Obscura", has been selected as one of the finalists in the dc shorts screenplay competition. all of the finalists…

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recap: friday, day before the shoot

i finished up the shot list and sent it to the dp and a couple other key crew members. here’s a picture of what i actually sent. it includes the floorplan so we know which direction we’re shooting, and what general area will need to be lit.


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