some floorplan notes and sketches

here are some notes i was scribbling. they look like jibberish, but the notes make sense to me. this is an important part of the brainstorming process where i play…

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next projects

i’m not even done preparing for my shoot this weekend, but i’m already thinking about my next projects.

– i already have the short horror script that i wrote before ku klux kornea. i entered it into the dc shorts screenwriting competition and the slamdance screenwriting competition. if i win any prize money, it’ll go to fund the production.

– i have an idea for a feature film. i’ve been thinking of ideas since january, but i finally found one that is high concept, a comedy, and can be made for a low budget. i want to write it by the end of the year.

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preproduction week 7: countdown

today is wed. we’re having the tech scout tonight to see if we’ll need more lights, make sure there won’t be any sound issues, figure out logistics of where to set up the different departments, etc. then we’re having the production meeting right after to check the status of all departments. there are some props that need to be made, and set dressing will be needed to turn an office into a doctor’s office.

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preproduction week 7: 4 days left to prep

i’ve been working on my floorplans, storyboards, and shot list. i spent a lot of time trying to find the starting positions for all the actors. the opening scene has 4 guys sitting at their desks, and then they get up and gather around one monitor to watch something on youtube. then, the mail clerk shows up and delivers their mail.

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preproduction week 6: pile it on!

i have 8 days left before i shoot. i’ve been locking down cast, figuring out my storyboards, floorplans, and shotlist, designing some props, and just preparing in general for the shoot next weekend.

but besides getting ready for my own movie, i’m also helping on another director’s movie as the 2nd AD this weekend. on set, i’ll be dealing with the extras, having the SAG actors fill out paperwork, and whatever else is needed. a lot of the crew from that short will also be crewing on my movie, so it’ll be great to get to work with them and get to know them beforehand. it’ll take 2 days out of my prep days, but i think it’ll be worth it to watch how another director works.

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preproduction week 6: i shoot in 11 days!

i’ve been counting down in terms of weeks, but the shoot date is getting close so i have to start thinking in terms of days. then during the shoot, i’ll start thinking in terms of hours. or minutes. oh man.

i have 11 days left to prep, but this weekend i’m helping on someone else’s short film, so that means i really only have 9 days to prep.

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preproduction: week 5 review

– i had casting all day sunday.

– after looking at a bunch of DP reels, i narrowed down the list and met with a couple of them. the decision was easy, and i’m happy to say i now i have a DP! his work is truly amazing and i’m very excited that he’s part of this project.

– i went through headshots, audition tapes, and notes i made during the auditions and slowly started to make final decisions on cast. there are 11 roles, so it’s a slow process. the producer contacted all of the actors and i’m waiting for a few of them to confirm.

– my work said it’s ok to shoot my film there on the weekend, but i still need to figure out who has to sign the location release. i also have to figure out if i can turn off the AC when we shoot.

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another festival

i just found out my short film Martial Artsy was accepted into the 2007 DC shorts film festival! it's held sept 13 - 20, and i'm going to try to…

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frameforge 3d studio

has anyone used this program? i'm thinking of getting it. it's pre-visualization software that seems more useful than hand drawn storyboards because you build the virtual set and determine camera…

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preproduction: week 5 casting

the producer set up the auditions for 6/10 sunday 9am to 5pm. we rented a space at studio-stage in hollywood. i was lucky enough to have 5 people help me: 2 people to sign people in, 1 to run the camera, 1 to read with the actors, and 1 to observe.

out of a couple thousand headshots, we narrowed it down to about 120 people. out of the 120 actors we picked, about 75 showed up for the auditions. that’s still a lot of people to see in one day. we set them up in 5 minute intervals. they would come in, read the sides, i’d give them an adjustment, and then we’d do it again. if there wasn’t a long wait outside, i had them try some improv.

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